Better document management solutions

We have a singular focus: Deliver the industry’s best Document Management Solutions.

All businesses deal with information. The industry you work in will largely determine the amount and type of information that you need to be captured, stored, shared, audited and accessed.

Colourworks can support your business by evaluating your business’ needs and recommend ways to improve your document management. Our recommendations are tailored to your business.

We propose industry specific solutions that will deliver results now and into the future. We can help guide your thinking around hardware, applications and the support services that you may need.

Canon Business Technology

Managed print services by Colourworks provides a scalable and monitored infrastructure

These services provide a way for your organisation to achieve more predictable printing costs and when changes occur greater flexibility to support your operations.

Case Studies


SiDCOR is a large accountancy firm founded in Newcastle, NSW in 2002.

Sue Mann

For Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care, Autofile has had an immediate impact.

Samaritans Foundation

Samaritans is a regional welfare agency operating throughout eastern NSW.


Helping you get back to business.

Being part of a community means being part of something bigger, In difficult times we support each other. We want to help by donating $50,000 worth of office equipment to businesses in flood affected areas across NSW. Let’s all work together. 

Flood image


Outsource the stress of your document management services and have predictable costs.

Colourworks helps small, medium and large organisations each day with the capture, storage, distribution and delivery of paper and digital information within their business.

Colourworks will assess your current processes and show you how technology improvements can be introduced to help manage your business’ documents more efficiently.

 Our solutions provide higher cost transparency and greater security for sensitive information.

Canon Business Technology & Technical Services

Canon Business Technology

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Technical Services

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