At Colourworks, we’re working together with local councils in regional NSW to help equip them and streamline ways to get their council running smarter, efficiently and more sustainably through technology. From unlocking faster ways to manage the day-to-day admin, reducing operation costs, connecting people, to transforming community locations into inspiring collaborative spaces; we have the world-class expertise and the right technology to get everything working seamlessly together.

Local government
As annual council budgets continue to tighten and much-needed funds are required for projects that matter most to the community, every bit of saving counts.
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Common challenges faced by Local Government

Frustration with managing and using office printers.

Sensitive documents need securing before, during, and after print.

Mysterious print costs racking up.

A variety of printers and user devices.

A print management solution to meet challenges

Reduce government costs and meet public expectations.

Be secure

With Canon's multifunction devices and scanners, you can take advantage of tailored user options, device authentication and secure print functionality.

Control your costs

Gain greater insights into your council's print usage, and implement processes to run your offices more cost-effectively.

Support sustainability goals

Provide the analytical information to help implement and visualize an environmental printing strategy, saving valuable resources and improving environmental performance.

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