4 compelling reasons to automate your payroll

Does your finance team spend more time chasing and entering timesheets than actually managing the finances of the business? With automated payroll processing solutions, payroll professionals can save time and energy entering and approving a huge volume of employee forms, reduce data entry mistakes and improve data security.

Need more convincing? Here are 4 compelling reasons to make the switch from a paper-based to web mobile system.

  1. Improve efficiency

Would you like $1 for every time you had to chase a staff member for his or her timesheet? Not even small businesses can avoid the burden of accurate record keeping. Save time, save trees and save your sanity with web-based payroll forms, including timesheets, leave forms, expense reimbursement forms, and personal leave forms. With an automated payroll system, payroll staff can set automatic reminders for staff to submit timesheets and forms on a pre-determined date, or easily send bulk reminders to those staff who never get in their forms in time. Staff will also be more motivated to complete and submit timesheets and forms ‘on the go’ with 24/7 access via mobile and tablet devices ….no more wasted time walking your timesheets to the payroll department.

  1. Decrease errors

Unsure if someone worked 3 or 8 hours? Deciphering handwriting and data entry errors are more likely to occur with a paper-based manual payroll system. Automated payroll systems enables you to integrate web based payroll forms with your payroll finance systems – removing manual data entry issues. Want to query an entry? Let the payroll approver know with the click of a button, rather than writing an email or picking up the phone.

Offering integration with all the major accounting software platforms, including MYOB, Reckon and Xero, payroll automation systems guarantees that you are paying your staff the right pay rates, penalties and complying with industry requirements.

  1. Automate approval processes

Every workplace today is likely to have employees working off-site or from another branch location. For payroll staff this can be a nightmare as they wait for timesheets and forms to be approved by managers travelling or located remotely. With automated payroll systems managers can approve timesheets and other leave forms via their mobile or laptop on the go, regardless of where they are in the world.

  1. Store and retrieve information fast

Picture this … you’re sitting on a beach in Noosa and a staff member calls you with an urgent request – he is buying a home and needs to provide a copy of his payslips for the past three months. Your off-sider in the accounts payable office is unwell, requiring you to have a 45-minute conversation with someone from HR to retrieve, scan and send the forms to the employee needing the documents. Digital form filing and archiving by employee enables easy digital search and retrieval of filed documents and forms, enabling employees to take ownership of their own record retrieval, with easy access to payslips and leave balances. Cloud-based record keeping systems also save physical space and provide peace of mind … say goodbye to anxious moments “trying to find” a misplaced form.

Who are we?

Colourworks Australia has been providing leading business technology services for over 30 years. Through our product Autofile, we provide businesses of all sizes, in all industries with a complete business technology service. And as integration partners with MYOB, Reckon and Xero, Autofile provides a complete automated payroll service.

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