Time to scrap those paper forms

Are you drowning in a sea of forms? Sick of creating, updating, filing and finding mountains and mountains of forms? As business owners and managers, it has never been more important to keep an accurate ‘paper trail’ for financial, client, employee and auditing purposes, but forms needn’t be a burden.

Webforms can help you save time, save money and improve efficiency in your business throughout the day:

Time to scrap employee forms

How do your employees spend their first morning on the job? Chances are they arrive eager to work, only to sit in human resources for two hours filling out a mountain of forms. Those forms are then passed to a junior staff member, who spends another hour or so entering employee details, including their home address, phone number, bank account details and next-of-kin (hopefully without too many errors …).

With webforms you can email new employees forms for completion before their first day of work, saving your business time and money. Webforms also reduce printing, data entry, filing and archiving costs.

Time to scrap OHS forms 

Your Occupational Health and Safety Officer is holding a bi-annual ‘Stop for Safety’ meeting with staff on the 5th floor. As part of the session, employees are asked to identify potential hazards in the workplace and complete a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) worksheet.

A JSA is an important document that can be used in court, so the OHS Officer collects these sheets at the end of the workshop and spends two hours typing them up at his desk (….it takes a long time because some of the attendees have terrible handwriting). Attendees are then emailed the final copy.

With webforms, attendees can complete JSA forms on a tablet during the workshop, enabling the OHS Officer to review and approve completed forms in only 30 minutes.

Time to scrap new client forms

A new client has arrived at the reception of your medical centre. You hand her a three-page form to complete, with the support of a brown clipboard and black biro. The young mother looks anxious, as she is struggling to console her sick toddler. She finds an empty seat in the waiting room and settles her child before starting to complete the form. She gets a third of her way through the first form when her biro stops working… Then the young mother gets called back to reception for not ticking a box on the back of the third page.

With webforms, medical centres can offer new clients the opportunity to complete relevant forms in the comfort of their own home, before they arrive for their appointment, or with a tablet on arrival. By adopting this technology, medical centres would decrease data entry costs, improve data security and increase customer satisfaction.

Time to scrap sales order forms

It’s the end of the day and you are closing your plumbing shop when an irate customer arrives. He has been working on a building site across the other side of town and was annoyed to discover that plumbing parts he picked up two weeks ago were the wrong size.

The man is not going to calm down or come back tomorrow morning, so you reluctantly walk towards the sales order cabinet and search through orders placed “around two weeks ago”. This takes time, but you finally find the piece of paper and realise the problem – the handwritten six on the form looks like an eight – the products are 20mm too long.

With webforms, businesses can search for sales orders with the click of a button. Order errors are also reduced, with clients given the opportunity to place, review or approve orders online.

Who are we?

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