Increase Productivity

Better Document Management

With the growth of the business, came the influx of paperwork to administer and report on the day-to-day operations. For Rohith Rao, Finance Manager at Sue Mann, it was obvious they had a problem. “As we grew, the number of invoices, quotes, expenses, receipts and accounts payable documentation processing was taking up more of our time. The manual handling of all this paperwork was both tedious and time-consuming.” Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care needed a solution that could automate their document processing.


“We contacted Colourworks because we found they had exactly what we were looking for,” Rohith says. Autofile is the name of their software program. It’s a solution that integrates with Canon multi-function printers. It scans paper documents with optical character recognition (OCR), converts them into searchable digital documents, and automatically indexes each document based on data extracted from the document -so the document can be easily found again. After it is processed, the document is then stored in Autofile’s secure cloud storage.”

Autofile Provides Real Benefits

For Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care, Autofile has had an immediate and positive impact. “Rosalyn, our finance assistant, was immediately freed up from the tedious task of data entry. The Colourworks’ solution saved her two days a week. Rosalyn was able to take on new duties and responsibilities to make her job more satisfying while providing improved productivity and auditing capability for the operation,” Rohith says. “Since we implemented Auto file, we’ve grown more than 30%. That means more invoices and processing – and we’ve been able to handle this increase with the same amount of staff. Autofile has enabled us to accommodate that growth without having to expand our team. It’s improved our productivity and profitability.”


For the project, Colourworks worked with Sue Mann Nursing& Community Care to scope the project doing several iterations until it achieved exactly what we wanted. They worked on the implementation and then provided us with personalized training. “Their trainers took our staff step-by-step through the whole process. The autofile system is intuitive to use and simple to learn. They produced a user handbook for us that was simple to follow and in only a couple of hours we were up to speed.”

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The Smart Way

UniFLOW online Reduced Waste

More recently Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care was focused on how it could reduce printing wastage. Along with the successful growth of the business, Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care had experienced a corresponding growth in printing volumes. Colourworks recommended uniFLOW online, a platform for improved print management control.

“This is very recent inclusion to our print management solution,” Rohith says. “I have some results, and with the implementation of uniFLOW online have seen our printing costs reduce by 15%.” Besides the cost savings, Rohith can breathe easier because of the increased security with printing and scanning provided by uniFLOW online. It offers a range of authentication options so the documents only get to the person intended. Yet it provides amazing flexibility, allowing printing from any device. In addition, uniFLOW online allows a single administrative tool to have an overview and control of the entire printing fleet.


Rohith Rao

Finance Manager

Why Colourworks

For Rohith, Colourworks was really the only choice.“ Not only were they very competitive against national suppliers with similar offers, but we knew we would get a better solution, service and support from them. And our initial impression of Colourworks has proved to be the case. Having multiple locations in regional New South Wales, Colourworks has been proactive about nurturing their relationship with Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care. “They pop in at least once a quarter to see how we are going,” says Rohith. “I think they understand our business very well.”