A Relationship Built on Trust


Grow Into Your Potential

SiDCOR is a large accountancy firm founded in Newcastle, New South Wales in 2002. Its success has seen the firm grow, expanding its operations across two states and five locations and employing around 120 people.


Their motto is “Grow into your potential.” They apply this equally to their clients and their staff. They see small to medium-sized business owners as the heart and soul of the economy – and want to change their lives for the better. To that end, they work proactively with clients to help them to take advantage of opportunities and avoid making mistakes. In essence, they are there to help mum and dad businesses when they are really in need of professional advice. 

Say Goodbye to Manual Mail Distribution

Tasha Rossiter is the Practice Manager at SiDCOR. “Around the time I started – about three and half years ago, we were looking to have a new managed services contract for our printers and copiers. We engaged Colourworks for that, and being proactive, Colourworks spoke to us about other aspects of their services, including automating our document handling.”


One of SiDCOR’s responsibilities is handling mail for their clients. This includes regular mail sent from the Australian Tax Office, ASIC, bank institutions and other businesses to our clients. Dealing with the mail from these and other organisations took all day, walking around the office distributing each piece of mail to the relevant person at SiDCOR.



The manual handling was very time-consuming. “When Colourworks showed us Autofile and how it could give us back time and resources, it literally changed the business,” Tasha says. Autofile is one of Colourworks’ document management solutions that integrates with Canon multi-function devices. 


With Autofile, documents are scanned in and the software identifies unique identifiers in the document to index the document, and then automatically stores a digital copy securely in their document management system. The work of sorting and dealing with mail now only takes approximately two hours, vastly increasing office efficiency and ease of accessing information when staff need it.


“It’s revolutionised what we do, at least from an administrative perspective,” Tasha says. “Even our compliance manager thinks it’s probably one of the best things we’ve implemented in the business.” And, Tasha now feels SiDCOR is future-proofed for further changes when the Australian Tax Office and other organisations move to electronic communication.

Brilliant Training

The Canon multi-function devices supplied by Colourworks are quick, reliable and efficient. “We make sure that any time a printer or service contract is up for renewal, it goes to Colourworks.” They also provide brilliant training, in Tasha’s opinion.


“When we got Autofile we got personalised training for the whole team,” Tasha says. “And, we always get training when we a get new Canon multi-function device as well, and they always follow up with documentation to go along with the training.”

A Relationship Built on Trust

In the end, the relationship between Colourworks and SiDCOR is effective because of trust, according to Tasha.

“I genuinely trust what they promise us. They are not typical salespeople who over promise and under deliver. We are never stuck wondering, ‘When are we going to get help or is there a fix coming?’ They’re always all over it and proactive around their communication.”

“I never thought I’d feel so passionate about the topic of multi-function devices! But Colourworks have been so brilliant, they’ve set the bar so high, that anyone else we’ve met just doesn’t compare.”


Tasha Rossiter

Practice Manager

Colourworks Customer Focus

Colourworks has totally won over SiDCOR with their focus on customer service.


“They have been like a partner to us from the very beginning – all the people in my team know Colourworks’ support staff on a first name basis. There’s a personal connection between the businesses – it’s a relationship, not just a service,” she says.


“From the get-go we instantly felt like we could just trust Colourworks. I did meet with a couple of other businesses offering similar products, but they just could not offer the same customer service as Colourworks did. I left a couple of meetings with the other businesses feeling like we were a number. Whereas with Colourworks, we knew immediately we wanted to work with them.”


Colourworks are proactive in their approach to customer service, sometimes dropping in to offer more help, even when it has not been requested. Tasha says, “We love the relationship with Colourworks. The other day they came out and had a chat with us, and told us ‘You haven’t used anywhere near as much support time as other businesses. We want to make you happy, what can we do for you?