There is no ‘silver bullet’ to business process optimisation

Silver Bullet

Today business is more challenging than ever. Every business is looking for a competitive advantage through innovation and improved productivity, however many business owners and managers are unsure where to start or believe the cost to business process improvement is too prohibitive. At Colourworks we help business with process optimisation by conducting an initial consultation where we learn about your business.

We have transformed over 1,500 businesses in automating existing business processes by linking their people with critical business information systems and business applications.

Every day we see the same process improvement challenges in businesses of all sizes across all industries. Business owners and managers want to optimise their business process but often are looking for a ‘silver bullet’ to achieve successful business process automation outcomes. Business process improvement needs to address three key influencers equally, in order to achieve real growth in productivity and profitability:

  1. Process
  2. People
  3. Technology


The first and only place many businesses start in trying to improve their business processes is the process itself. They generally look at the steps involved, the tasks required, and the time it takes to complete. This seems like a logical thing to do and it is important to look at these aspects.

However to truly increase your productivity, it is important to start to look at how these manual business processes might be automated. Dramatic business process improvement can be achieved through a range of business technology services that:

  • Automate the capture of data and information at the start of the process removing manual data entry and verification
  • Manage your business process workflows concurrently with assigned worksteps providing audited transparency and accountability through the entire process
  • File and categorise all documents electronically dramatically reducing reliance on paper-based documents and files
  • Provide web-based and mobile connectivity allowing for remote or off-site access
  • Directly integrate with existing business applications for automated transfer of data and information throughout the process


Your customers, suppliers and staff all play a role in or have an impact on your business processes. Therefore for business owners and managers to achieve absolute business process optimisation they must provide a cohesive digital workplace that supports people.

Generally in any business process people will either have certain tasks to perform, a need to access data, information or documents, or need to be kept up to date on the process progression.

For this reason the people involved in your business process can dramatically affect the efficiency of the process and overall outcomes.

Business technology services can provide real value in managing people’s influence on your business process by:

  • Improving access to specific data, information and documents as required throughout the process
  • Increasing real-time collaboration and information sharing with others involved in the business process
  • Improving accountability and transparency throughout the entire business process
  • Increasing capacity and productivity of people throughout the process
  • Reducing errors and improve customer service


The last key influencer of business process optimization is technology. Technology can have an impact on the process itself as well as the people, however generally here we are looking at how business technology can better facilitate or improve certain aspects throughout the business process.

The key role of business technology in business process improvement is to link your people with critical business information systems and business applications. The technology must integrate seamlessly throughout the entire business process and improve automation outcomes.

Businesses that constantly invest in business technology services to improve their business processes, customer experience, and productivity are often more profitable. For them business technology can provide:

  • Integrated and networked devices such as printers, photocopiers, and scanners as part of automated business workflows
  • Consolidation and linking of scattered data and information across multiple locations, systems, servers and applications
  • Reduction in running costs and downtime associated with out of date and inefficient hardware devices
  • Customised software applications to improve particular aspects of a business process by removing duplication and improving business compliance analytics


So for any business looking to improve their productivity and increase their profitability, optimising your existing business processes is critical. Like any business investment, business owners and managers must assess the likely return on this investment. However I can assure you, the realised value of business process optimisation can be significant. The key is to look at your business processes improvement from the combined perspectives of Process, People and Technology.

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Cameron Lawes
Colourworks Australia
Sales Manager