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Sue Mann Nursing and Community Care

For Rohith Rao, Finance Manager at Sue Mann, it was apparent they had a problem. "As we grew, the number of invoices, quotes, expenses, receipts and accounts payable documentation processing was taking up more of our time. The manual handling of all this paperwork was both tedious and time-consuming". Sue Mann Nursing & Community Care needed a solution that could automate their document processing.

"We contacted Colourworks because we found they had exactly what we were looking for,” Rohith says. Their software solution integrates with Canon multi-function printers. It scans paper documents with optical character recognition (OCR), converts them into searchable digital documents, and automatically indexes each document based on data extracted from the document -so the document can be easily found again. After it is processed, the document is then stored in to secure cloud storage.”

Rosalyn, our finance assistant, was immediately freed up from the tedious task of data entry. The Colourworks’ solution saved her two days a week

"Rosalyn was able to take on new duties and responsibilities to make her job more satisfying while providing improved productivity and auditing capability for the operation,” Rohith says. "We’ve grown more than 30%. That means more invoices and processing – and we’ve been able to handle this increase with the same amount of staff. This solution has enabled us to accommodate that growth without having to expand our team. It’s improved our productivity and profitability

We defined key outcomes and made it happen.

We believe in long-term partnerships, so we worked together.

Project scoping

To accomplish our goals, we scoped it together.


Colourworks staff were there every step of the way to train staff and assist with change management.

Ongoing Support

Proactively working together to continually monitor and optimise results.

"They pop in at least once a quarter to see how we are going. I think they understand our business very well.”
Rohith Rao, Finance ManagerSue Mann Nursing and Community Care

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