Wide Format Printers - TX

TX Range

Awarded wide format printing that is designed for professional services.

Designed to save time for those offices that need to scan, edit, save, and print wide format documents. With improved securing and multi-function capabilities your imagePROGRAF TX Series is purpose designed to give you drawings and images to reflect your precise specifications.

Better presentations produced securely, easily and efficiently.

TX Range features


Sometime information needs to be gone for good.  Both the TX and TM range allows you to erase confidential or sensitive data completely, without being recoverable.  Rest assured, the method is so secure that it event meets the standard for the US Dept. of Defence. 


Lucia TD ink; a true pigment ink. Allowing the printing of fine lines and sharp text event on non-inkjet coated paper. Offering high-quality low cost print on plain paper, with enhanced weather resistance and water resistance

Supporting Apple AirPrint and Canon Print Service, you can now print form both iSO and Android mobile devices. And with a new feature CPIS you have the ability to receive notifications informing you of errors and when the job is complete.


The Account Manager application is a powerful tool used for accurate management of job logs, printing costs and other types of information across 50 devices, which is increasingly important for office printing environments.  It can provide a detailed look at the usage of each department and assist you manage your projects.


Uning IPSec protocols, the TX Range employs encryption to protect you from interception, tampering or spoofing. Furthermore, because of its IPSec protocols, it can protect data being sent over the internet regardless of the application or network configuration used.


Poster-creation software for PCs medake it easy to create posters, signs and banners from hundreds of customisable templates and stock images. With simple, on-screen instructions to guide you through the process, anyone in the business can design and print amazing posters.

SmartWorks Software offers an easy-to-use interface with customisable background and pre-sets, scan to multi-page PDF as a standard feature, the ability to mark-up directly on the monitor and real-time preview on the 15.6” touchscreen.