Canon’s range of SMART Boards make collaboration easy. Empower your employees, partners and customers by giving them the best tools to collaborate across devices, offices and regions. With Canon’s SMART Boards there are no brainstorming barriers your team can’t breakthrough. Being so easy to use, anyone can simply walk up and use the SMART Boards for enhanced productivity, increased agility and serious ROI.


With SMART® Boards cooperation, writing and navigating is child’s play. Students can write both independently and simultaneously with different coloured PEN IDs. And, when required writing can be done with a finger, which writes like a pen.

Best of all the technology supports BYOD policies, with information being able to be cast from Andriod®, Apple® and Microsoft® devices without any applications or additional hardware.

With a range of screen sizes, the 65” and 75” are ideally suited for class room sizes of up to 30 students.


As workplaces become increasingly more flexible and mobile, SMART® boards provide an efficient way to get everyone in the office together, without having to bring them into the office.

If staff can connect to the internet, they can remote in for quick problem solving or training sessions from one connected device. Better still, with the Simultaneous Tool it allows four people to work as a group, or complete separate tasks at the same time.

From their shared and connected device staff an share HD graphics, text and video – with all their ideas captured on the SMART® Board. Once the meeting is complete the file can be saved and distributed to the attendees.
And, with a range of sizes the 75” and 86” screens are perfectly designed to support audiences up to 50 people.


Case study

“As a section of our facility is in lockdown, and the rest of us are practicing social distancing, we have loved using the SMART Board, it has become a staple in our programming. We have made video calls to loved ones from residents that are visually impaired, watched the Anzac and Easter service, and played concerts, we even asked one of our entertainers to make a playlist with some visuals, so we could continue to listen/watch his performance. We will also be streaming a funeral for a resident that recently passed.” 


Krista Bleakley
Divisional Therapist Volunteer Coordinator
ST Andrews Ballina