Allowing the users and management to control printers and their functionality, including cost controls.

What does PaperCut MF provide:

Track all MFD / Printers
Secure Print Release
‘Find-me’ Printing
Control and Report use
Enforce a Print Policy (e.g. only print in monochrome)
Allow printing from BYOD or mobile devices

PaperCut MF is an embedded software that sits on the MFD to provide print, copy, scan and fax control, as well as simple document and device management.

‘Find-me Printing’ & Secure Printing?

Both functions are interrelated. ‘Find-me’ printing allows users to send their print job to a virtual queue and release the print job from any MFD within the network. Secure Printing is required for ‘Find-me’ printing. This is because secure printing requires users to authenticate to access the machines functions including accessing their print jobs from the virtual queue. Authentication is establish by the user either through entering a PIN or swiping a ID card at the MFD.

Why good for school?

Students are able to use the printers on the basis of a user pays system. Third party payment systems such as PayPal® and Authorise.NET® that allows real-time pay via a credit card can be used. Or, internal payment system such as school accounts or self service kiosks through dedicated hardware gateways can be utilised as well to manage student funds for printing and copying.

Reports & Administration

Administration access can be provided through any network location to an ‘out-of-the-box’ tool. This web based facility is intuitive and makes cross platform support simple. Information is provided in real-time in a single page view. The information includes system activity and status updates as well as other information including environmental impact measures.

Reporting is preconfigured with over 80 one-click reports available for viewing, printing or exporting. Administrators can also create ad-hoc reports through applying filters and conditions, that can be emailed to the relevant people as required or on a regular schedule.