intelligent, secure document storage for SMB owners


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Designed for SMB owners, autofile is a simple cloud storage application for all your important business documents.​

Integrated with Canon multi-function printers, you can scan documents and store them directly in your autofile cloud storage.

Or, you can simply ‘drag and drop’ documents from your computer or network into your autofile cloud storage.

Best of all autofile works where you are – as long as you have access to an internet connection you can access autofile.

  • Browser based interface
  • Scan directly to the cloud storage from your Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCED multi-function printer
  • Documents are held securely in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Upload documents and images with your camera


  • Having a secure system does not mean you lose convenience and ease of access.
  • Autofile is designed so that you can control who has access to each cabinet and the roles they have.

  • The ‘roles’ that each person has establishes what they can (and can’t) do to the documents.

  • Encrypted Files
  • Two factor authentication
  • Document audit log


  • Convert your paper based documents into searchable digital documents – and automatically index the document.

Autofile utilises intelligent zonal OCR (optical character recognition).

Using intelligent zonal OCR,  autofile looks for key information in the document to help you to described the document.

This key information saved in index fields to describe what the document is.

So when you need to find the document again – you just need to search for what the document is – not remember where you saved it.

You also have the option of manually entering in information to describe the document.

  • Zonal OCR Software
  • Batch filing of large amount of documents
  • Free text or defined indexed information on documents

Autofile defines what the document is – making it easy and simple to find what you need – both when and where ever you need it.

How is this done?

Simple, each document is tagged with customisable indexed information. You name the document based on what it is. For example:

  • The type of document (tax invoice)
  • The customer that it is being sent to
  • The person who created the document

And, when you’re looking for it – you simply use this information and maybe a date rate of when it was saved – anywhere and anytime.

The Smart Way

Autofile offers small and medium sized business owners the ability to lease their own digital storage spaces – for their business documents.

  • Pay a flat fee per month per business
  • Have as many users as you want
  • Store as many documents you need
  • Documents are secured in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment
  • Quickly and easily find documents (what the document is, not where its stored)
  • Save, view and download documents from wherever and whenever you want
  • Know when and who has viewed, downloaded or modified documents
  • Locally supported by Colourworks, with technical support from Australia
  • Capable of integrating with Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCED print devices

Secure access to your business documents from anywhere using any connected device.

From anywhere using any connected device

Secure cloud document storage that provides benefits to your business

Direct Scan to Storage

Direct Scan to Storage

Intelligent scan & indexing of documents from Canon iR ADV multi-function devices.

Index Fields

Index Fields

Defines what the document is, making it easier & quicker to find.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Secure access for authorised users, that you control.



Access through any internet connected device.

Automatic Audit Log

Automatic Audit Log

Identifies & logs who has accessed the document and when.

Suitable for a wide variety of document types and application.

Delivery Dockets & Supplier Invoices
Sales Proposal
Sales Proposals & Agreements
Expenses & Receipts
Photos & Images* *TIFF and JPG files
Warranties & Important Documents

Document Security and Document Audit Trail

Businesses can have multiple cabinets within their autofile application – in fact you get three to begin.


Each cabinet has their own group of individuals who are authorised to access the cabinet– and you control who as access..

And, those that have access can have different roles – for example some can view, but not save documents.


Those that are not authorised at all to a cabinet will not be able to view or search documents in it – its that simple.


Importantly, autofile automatically logs anyone who has looked, modified, printed or saved a file.

Giving increased knowledge of what has happened to important business documents.

Digital Storage

Business-critical printing you can count on, time after time.

When your printers stop working, so does your business.

We are regional business with over 30 years of local knowledge and experience. Operating from 5 branches and servicing thousands of business, we pride ourselves on implementing a wide range of business technologies.

When your printers stop working, so does your business.

Output Manager offers controlof the whole document, not just the metadata. This includes the ability to prohibit the printing of restricted documents while providing an audit trail and a chain of custody for your documents.
Output Manager evaluates the print stream with document inspection and document transformation. These workflows prevent sensitive information from being printed, redacts sensitive information before it is printed or triggers alternative workflows to redirect to a secured print location for review.
Output Manager provides multiple levels of print failover through user choice, user profiles and admin controls. For unavailable devices, the feature of proactive rerouting helps users print documents without interruption.
Output Manager provides multiple levels of print failover through user choice, user profiles and admin controls. For unavailable devices, the feature of proactive rerouting helps users print documents without interruption.