extract and validate data from any printed or electronic document.

Best in class software

with the ability to extract and validate data from any printed or electronic document. ABBYY utilises ‘human reasoning software’ to search, identify and extract the data required.
Much like the way a person would search for information on a document, the ABBYY® software actively seeks out the key words on the page to find the information needed. Colourworks can help you integrate this software to plug into a wide range of line-of-business applications to, making business processes smarter, faster and more accurate.


Extraction from Any Source

Utilising a single platform that can be used with any input source, the program offers both scalability and extensibility for today and the future. Whether documents are pushed from mobile devices, email, fax, document, scanners, ftp or multifunction printers, this platform can support processing of content from any data source.


Capture technology with the ability to learn. ABBYY software has the unique ability to be trained to process flexible or irregular document layouts, while you as the administrator has maintains control to edit, fine-tune or reject the learnt results. Just like a new staff member the system can continually improve based on the feedback utilising advanced machine learning and Natural Language Processing.

Advanced Document Classification

Information coming into the business can be classified by form and content to boost your business information-driven processes. In-built algorithms detect the document type, including images, by using deep learning and sorts documents by appearance or pattern. Giving you the ability to take advantage of both simultaneously delivering faster response times and prompt decision making, simply and accurately.