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4 compelling reasons to automate your payroll

Does your finance team spend more time chasing and entering timesheets than actually managing the finances of the business? With automated payroll processing solutions, payroll professionals can save time and energy entering and approving a huge volume of employee forms, reduce data entry mistakes and improve data security. Need more convincing? Here are 4 compelling

Time to scrap those paper forms

Are you drowning in a sea of forms? Sick of creating, updating, filing and finding mountains and mountains of forms? As business owners and managers, it has never been more important to keep an accurate ‘paper trail’ for financial, client, employee and auditing purposes, but forms needn’t be a burden. Webforms can help you save

Top 5 Reasons CFO’s should consider Autofile

Are you sick of receiving demanding phone calls from unpaid creditors? Or asking colleagues to check drawers or desks for unpaid invoices? Perhaps you’d like your accounts payable staff to support you with strategic projects, rather than processing a mountain of invoices each month? Here are the Top 5 reasons CFO’s should consider implementing an

AP Automation for Xero, MYOB & Reckon

Accounts Payable Automation

Talk to any small to medium size business and most will say one of the most critical software systems they use on a daily basis is their accounting software. Generally, this software will help business owners manage all of their business matters including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, financial reporting and budgeting. For many small

5 ways to automate your accounts payable process

Paying invoices is part of every business and every business needs an effective accounts payable process to do this. Unfortunately however, many put up with an inefficient and unproductive accounts payable process. Why? Because it is not seen as a revenue generating task. For many business owners and managers, they would much rather focus on

Plan your web form development carefully

Plan your web form development carefully

The importance of forms for any business of any size cannot be overemphasised. Whether it is customer order forms, application forms, requisition forms, or leave forms, these forms are generally the starting point for a number of critical business workflows. They are the start of engagement and a critical data capture point. The growth in

There is no ‘silver bullet’ to business process optimisation

Silver Bullet

Today business is more challenging than ever. Every business is looking for a competitive advantage through innovation and improved productivity, however many business owners and managers are unsure where to start or believe the cost to business process improvement is too prohibitive. At Colourworks we help business with process optimisation by conducting an initial consultation

Managed Print Service = Increased Productivity Decreased Costs

Managed Print Services

Modern office printing has come a long way since ‘cylinder seals’ were used for rolling impressions into objects in Egypt around 3500 BC. Back then creating a cylinder seal required engraving the seal in hard-stone, glass or ceramic, and then rolling the seal across the printing surface. These cylinder seals would create images through depressions